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against stigma

In order to challenge the stigma that is so prevalent in society, we must work in partnership. We are proud to work closely with and be supported by a number of like-minded organisations. This collaboration allows the NHS APA to share the message against stigma more widely and reach those who need our advocacy the most.

If your organisation would like to become an ally of our campaign email us at

"It's the importance of allies and it is the importance of us as individuals to challenge stigma whenever we see it"
- Danny Hames, NHS APA Chair

In order to start breaking down the barriers to lifesaving treatment we need to change our language, perceptions and behaviours to those who are struggling with addiction.



Download our Stigma Kills resources below to show your support for the campaign and learn more about how stigma manifests, as well as the steps we need to take to challenge it.

Papers and reports


further resources from our allies and partners


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