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See the person.

Hear their story.

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Everyone knows someone who experiences addiction.

We all know someone who has experienced addiction at some point in their lives, from substance misuse to gambling or gaming addiction.

Although addiction is a common health issue that requires medical intervention and support, people suffering from this illness are some of the most stigmatised in society, often seen as not even unwell and in some way deserving of their experiences.

The NHS APA has made an ongoing pledge to tackle stigma via our #StigmaKills awareness campaign.

We are calling on individuals and organisations to show their support by signing our register (this takes less than 1 minute):

It's time we break down the wall of stigma and help more people access treatment just by taking a small step today. We can start by thinking about our attitudes, actions and beliefs so we can change things for the better.

We all in fact know someone who has experienced or is experiencing addiction - no matter who you are, addiction can touch and affect you, even if it's more hidden in some places than others. The below video features real stories from people who have experienced stigma as a result of addiction. 

The below case studies are excerpts from a report commissioned by the NHS APA and conducted by Working With Everyone. The images used do not depict the people that case studies refer to. Read the full report.



How can I help?

We all know someone who has experienced addiction. We are also likely to all know someone who has felt stigmatised because of their addiction or the addiction of someone close to them. The easiest way to help prevent stigma is to think about your words and actions.

Like our social media accounts and use the hashtags #WeAllKnowSomeone and #SeeThePersonHearTheirStory to encourage conversations about breaking down stigma.

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